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My name is Bradford and am the CEO of Bay Area Synthetic Grass. If my company is fortunate enough to earn your business, I promise you will be completely satisfied.

In the last 10 years, my installers and I have transformed hundreds of homes in the Bay Area with beautiful fake grass installations.

Bay Area Synthetic Grass (BASG) has a simplified pricing structure. We procure our synthetic grass from two American synthetic grass manufacturers we beleive are the most reliable with the highest quality materials available.

The larger the project; the lower the installed cost/sq-ft and vice versa.

Installation pricing is dependant upon a number of factors, the primary factor in estimating project cost is the size of the installation.

Bay Area Synthetic Grass has set standards for long lasting, durable artificial grass installations in San Jose, San Francisco, the Bay Area and California.

The last time I counted there were over 1300 types of synthetic grass made by about 90 different manufacturers today. BASG has narrowed the best selection down about 5 samples and two manufacturers.

Knit de Knit Monofilament Slit Film or Fribrilated
Artificial grass is generically called a "slit film" or "fibrillated" fake grass. "Slit Film" or "Fibrillated" grasses are characterized by having wide blades of filament initially that have to be broken up into smaller blades with special processing equipment. These grasses closely resemble fescue or blue grass.
Monofilament grasses are uniform in height and width and have usually thinner dimensions. For the most part they resemble rye grasses. These grasses require less processing than the fibrillated grasses and can be as expensive as slit film or fibrillated grasses to install.
Knit deKnit fake grass is known for its high face weight and durability. Knit deKnit grass requires less processing than the fibrillated or monofilament grass and therefore are the most expensive to purchase initially but have the lowest cost of installation.Knit deKnit fake grass are the most expensive grasses and require the least amount of processing. These are the only grasses can be essentially rolled outlaid down and secured.
Dog Run Systems Installation Pricing Estimated Cost Upgrades Lead Free
KdK > 70 oz. KdK Upgrades 60 and 70 oz. between 40 and 60 oz. Slit Film > 40 oz. Retail Sales

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To contact Bradford directly, please send an email to: is an authorized installer,supplier and distributor for artificial putting greens.